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Ceria Montessori School

Jl. Simprug Golf III kav.73
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Ph. +62 21 722 1369
Fax. +62 21 727 99 558

Welcome to Ceria Montessori School

CErdas –Intelligent; MandiRI –Independent; GembirA –Joyful –Our belief and our pledge for all children who enter our program.

Since its inception in 1996, Ceria Montessori School has stayed committed to the Montessori Philosophy and International Curriculum. The school strives to give the best education for children in their golden years of development; birth to six.

Ceria Montessori subscribes to a comprehensive Montessori Method. Each child is provided with a carefully designed environment and experiences to assist their individual development. A child’s inherent love of learning is encouraged through spontaneous, meaningful activities, under the guidance of qualified teachers whose goals are to develop happy, independent learners with bright, competent intellects.

To equip our children with the initial academic, social and emotional skills to live independently and confidently within the fast moving world of today.

To maintain a comprehensive Montessori curriculum in order to provide an education in harmony with life. Together with a carefully designed environment and extensive learning experiences, the children at Ceria will be guided towards their optimum potential.