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CERIA MONTESSORI SCHOOL— Dedicated to the Development of Intelligent, Independent, Happy children since 1996. Ceria Montessori School has since strived to giving the best education for children in their golden years of development, from birth to the age of six.


CERIA stands for CErdas—Intelligent; MandiRI—Independent; GembirA—Joyful—Our belief and our pledge for all children who enter our program.


Ceria Montessori subscribes to the comprehensive Montessori Method. Each child is provided with a carefully designed environment and experiences which move each and every child toward being the very best they can be. A child’s inherent love of learning is encouraged through spontaneous, meaningful activities, under the guidance of qualified teachers whose goals are to develop happy, independent learners with bright, competent intellects.


Our team of qualified Montessori trained educators are passionate about the education and the happiness of young children. Every team member works hard to ensure that your child will benefit from every Montessori experience offered.


Ceria Montessori uses the best Montessori teaching materials and tools imported from Nienhuis, Holland, an officially authorized Montessori material manufacturer. Care and attention are given to preparing the older children for transition to Primary School.


Ceria Montessori guarantees our families strict adherence to the Montessori  Philosophy and Curriculum.


Montessori Method creates specific, dynamic programs for each learner, focusing on always encouraging each child to be the best they can be. Children are proud to be Montessori learners.


Ceria Montessori offers an aesthetically pleasing, healthy environment, centrally located in Sinabung area.


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