8 months – 2 Years

We know your precious babies one deserves only the best care in his/her early years. At Ceria Montessori, every infant is well-tended to by qualified and experienced care-givers. They will enjoy the responsive, tender loving touch that is so important for their proper development.


This is accomplished in an environment that is designed with the highest possible level of safety in mind and provides opportunities for sensory, cognitive, creative, social and emotional stimulation during your child’s crucial growing months. Your baby nurtures in a comfortable setting that is conducive for his/her total development.


This is an accompanied program that encourages the whole family’s involvement. A one adult to one child ratio encourages parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to take turns in participating in the class together with the child.  Our classroom is welcoming, warm and nurturing.


Besides meeting the basic needs of the growing infant. The Montessori Curriculum’s is specially designed to provide individual, responsive care and affection for every child to allow them to explore their own bodily capabilities.


Early development is fundamental to the growth of your child.




 Crawler ( 8 Months – 1,2 Years old )
 Walker ( 1,2 – 2 Years old )