Children’s early years experiences enrich and influence their future growth. They deserve to be treated and respected as individuals in an environment that welcomes exploration, question and imagination. Ceria Montessori meets the children’s needs by providing a safe, clean, nurturing and loving environment with the Montessori curriculum that been proven throughout the years . Our comfortable atmosphere will make the child “feels at home” and give the parents a feeling of comfort knowing that their child is being well cared, while they are away.


Ceria Montessori is not an ordinary daycare, we provide many facilities for young children. For babies, we have Baby Gym, Baby Pool and Massage. Meanwhile for toddler nursery and Kindergarten we have Preschool classes. The children will learn and grow physically, emotionally, cognitively, and socially to the best of their ability. Our program focuses on the individuality and uniqueness of each child.  We provide an environment that allows each child to develop at his/her own pace and activities are planned that encourage self-confidence, spontaneity, curiosity, and self- discipline, as well as assisting in the development of the child’s social and emotional health. Ceria Montessori provides excellent staff to care for all children. Our staff members are qualified and experienced in working with young children. We believe in safety and take every precaution to assure that each child is cared for to the greatest extent.


Experience childcare as it should be.

Facilities :

- Snack and Lunch : Children are given snack in between main meals through out the day. Fruits and pudding are always son display for children to help them self throughout the day. All cookies served to the children in Ceria Montessori Care are home made by the centre itself. Children with allergy to nuts, milk, and sugar must inform the team immediately of their child allergies.

– Home work Club

– Personal bed

– Swimming Pool

– Playground Area

– Gymnastic room

– Sandpit area