Learn how your child will benefit from an empowering education based on the Montessori Curriculum, as has been successfully provided by CMS in the last 20 years.

Ceria Montessori subscribes to the comprehensive Montessori Method. Each child is provided with a carefully designed environment and experiences which move each and every child toward being the very best they can be. A child’s inherent love of learning is encouraged through spontaneous, meaningful activities, under the guidance of qualified teachers whose goals are to develop happy, independent learners with bright, competent intellects.




What is the differences between traditional & Montessori school?

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What is the core philosophy of Montessori education?

In Montessori, the directress (teacher)always introduce the child from a general simple perspective to gradually a more complex derailed concept. By doing this, children will have increased success in finishing their task which will in turn make them more confident in doing more complicated tasks.

In Math, children will be introduced to concrete concept of number before they are introduced to the actual numbers itself through writing and counting. In Culture, children will be introduced gradually from the wide limitless universe, to the Milkyway Galaxy., to Planet Earth, to the continent, then the country, the city, the home, the family, then the child him/himself.

Will my child be ready for primary school once he or she graduated from Montessori Kindergarten (Emotional, social, academic ready)?

By the time they are 6 years old, Montessori children are confident, eager little person who love to learn , self motivated and independent. Academically, they are able to read blended consonant words such as: sheep, flag, blow, and also side words ex: because, while, also, etc. They will also understand the concept of multiplication and division through our Montessori tools. To ensure their readiness to move on to “big” school, CMS have Extended Day Program for 4-6 years old class., where the children have 1 hour session of private tutoring focusing on Math and Language area.

How does Montessori evaluate a child’s progress?

In Montessori, we believe that each child learns at a different individual academic pace, so we  do not assign grades to evaluate children. Teachers and parents can monitor the child’s development through individual portfolio, parents-teacher conference and individual progress folder.

Why does your school combine the 4 years old, 5 years old, and 6 years old?

In line with Montessori philosophy we apply vertical grouping for the 4- 6 years old class. For the older children, to be mixed with younger ones will develop their sense of nurture and protectiveness. While for the younger ones, they will be motivated to mimic their senior’s achievement. In their young minds, it is more achievable to copy their classmate rather than following the examples from adults. (teacher)

what does a Montessori class room feels or looks like?

As we all know, a kindergarten acts as a bridge from home to primary school. That is why CMS in particular is located in a homy and familiar setting where the classrooms are not enclosed spaces. The school is situated in a home where children have plenty of room to play and move; the classroom are surrounded by shelves of Montessori tools. During the class, children are free to choose any of the tools they wish to use and they will be taught the responsibility to finish (circle of completion) what they started and to clean up and return the item tray back to its place. Teachers are more familiar to be called “directness” in Montessori setting, because they are there to “direct” the child rather than “dictate” them.

Why do you specifically use Nienhuis tools?

Nienhuis is the tool that has been trusted by the Montessori family for over a century .   Nienhuis precision assure children to be able to complete the task they are required to do. This way children will not blame themselves for failing and raise their confidence and also of course their love of learning.


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