The Core Curriculum


Through a series of very specific tasks, children develop muscular coordination, powers of control, concentration and good work habits. These traits are the mark of an independent child with a good self-esteem—the foundation for success in other curriculum areas.


“The senses, being explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge” (Maria Montessori). The five senses are developed through an extensive variety of activities. Heightened awareness of the senses prepares the children for Math, Reading and Writing.


Concrete tools in the Mathematics area provide children with a solid understanding of basic mathematical principles, prepare them for later abstract reasoning, and help them to develop problem-solving capabilities for advanced mathematics.


Exposure to step by step reading materials help children easily link sound and symbol and encourage the development of written expression and reading skills.


Studies of Geography, Biology, Botany and Zoology, History and Science are hands-on and enjoyable for the children. These studies bring concrete understanding of the world in which children live. As the world continues to grow ever smaller, the knowledge of different people and different cultures becomes important at an earlier age.


Enrichment classes support the Montessori belief that the whole child must be educated since the development of one aspect is closely linked to the child’s development in other areas. Children continue to grown, learn and develop through Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Music & Movement, Water Play and Physical Education.