Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

Mrs. Jaclyn

“All the teachers and staffs in Ceria Montessori are all supportive that creates the environment as a very good place to learn and grow. Keeva has grown into someone who is naturally eager for knowledge and become an independent learner.”

Mrs. Natasha

“Big thank you to Ceria Montessori for not only giving my daughter education to prepare for elementary school but also for developing her character. The transition to the first grade was a breeze. Kirana was able to independently study and be responsible for her own school work and projects, which I believe is the result of her love of learning that flourished in preschool. I am sure she will take her early learning experiences far into adulthood.”

Mrs. Feliza

“We are so grateful for the fact we made the good decisions to send our daughter to Ceria Montessori School. Thank you to Ceria Montessori teachers and staffs. You help us improve our life by working diligently to make our precious ones brigther, smarter and confidence. To show our satisfaction we send also her brother to Ceria Montessori. Well done and keep up with the priceless work! ”