Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities

Ceria Montessori School provides Extra Curricular Classes to help enhance holistic development of our Ceria students. We want to make sure that your little ones succeed not only in academics but also in other areas. These classes are handled and/or supervised by our Ceria teachers.

Master Chef Class

This class offers Ceria students learn how to cook simple dishes from scratch! This does not only provide them cooking experience but also other learning experience such as mathematics, science and language. This is a fun way to widen their vocabulary, strengthen fine motor skills and even do problem solving. This class is handled by our Ceria teachers.

Language Class

This class strengthens the literacy skills of our Ceria students. This focuses on reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills. It is a continuation of the Language Individualized Plan of each students in the class. This enables the children to widen their vocabulary and be confident in speaking.

Math Class

This class enhances the numeracy skills of our Ceria students. This allows them to continue practicing their mathematical knowledge with the use of Montessori materials from concrete to abstract. This helps them apply the concept learned in the class and further strengthen their problem solving skills.


This class offers to improve the gross motor skills of our Ceria students. It helps improve their strength and balance. This also helps children discipline and respect. We work together with the (Insert name of the Taekwondo Center) professional team in handling preschoolers in learning taekwondo. This class is supervised by our Ceria teachers.


This class promotes strong and healthy body from our Ceria students. Gymnastics is proven to help develop cognitive skills by learning and completing gymnastic routines. It is a total body exercise for the students which also increases their coordination and flexibility. We work together with JacPa, a Japanese gymnastic company that was established in 1972 and was later established in Singapore and Indonesia. This class is supervised by our Ceria teachers.


This class offers Ceria students learn how live healthy in a fun way. Yoga for kids help develop body awareness, flexibility and increase concentration. This class also offers Art class at the end of each month to help increased their creativity and imagination. This class is handles by our own Ceria teacher, Ms. Yanti. She is a licensed Yoga for kids instructor.

Expressive Arts Class

This class offers storytelling and art activity. Storytelling has numerous advantage for your little ones. It improves their listening skills and increases vocabulary. Storytelling enhances verbal proficiency and encourages creativity and imagination. We also have good selection of books that will help instill great values and virtues for your child. They will also learn how to retell stories presented by the teacher in the class using the props they make by themselves. This will help improve their fine motor skills, creativity, imagination and confidence to name a few. This class is supervised by our Ceria teachers.

Ceria Mandarin

We believe that learning a second language is a good investment for our children’s futures. Mandarin is one of widely used language at present time and Ginger Mandarin has been known since 2008 for its teaching quality and method.They provide fun learning environment for learning Mandarin through games and art & craft which in parallel with Ceria’s Montessori concept.


If there’s one thing that children love more than playing in the playground, it’s swimming. There’s just something about the water – it’s where we started after all – and our program has its way of building up a child’s confidence in the pool, regardless of age or skill level. Our swimming class gives children the opportunity to learn how to swim at their level while offering them opportunities to teach their peers (just like in the classroom).